Thursday, December 13, 2018
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How To Migrate To 9mobile Cheapest Tariff Plans

This article will analyse and explain to you 9Mobile call tariff plans and their migration codes as a guide to help you in choosing the best call rate. Etisalat has undergone...
Etisalat or 9mobile

Etisalat Or 9mobile Data Plan, Subscription Codes And Prices

Etisalat or 9mobile Nigeria is known to be one of the most stable and arguably the fastest network provider in Nigeria, also about the only internet service provider with 4G availability...

Having Problems Sharing Your Post To Facebook

Are you having problems sharing your post to Facebook ? I wrote this tutorial to help you solve this sharing problem whenever it comes your way. The underlying problem can be...

How To Download Whatsapp On Unsupported Phones

Whatsapp :   I am writing this post to share with you how to download whatsapp on unsupported phones. The use of this social app has being increasing rapidly in the world...

MTN XtraValue

What is XtraValue XtraValue offers you a bundle of huge airtime for voice calls and data, the bundles are available in 2 categories (XtraTalk and XtraData) and at different price points ranging...
Procedures To Fix Galaxy S6 Overheating Problem

Procedures To Fix Galaxy S6 Overheating Problem

Welcome to our first galaxy S6 troubleshooting article for the day. This post covers overheating and loss of notifications after an update. We hope you’ll find the solutions helpful. If you are looking...
Facebook Group Conversation

How To Leave Facebook Group Conversation Chat

Does Facebook Group Conversation Chat sound new to you? If this is your first time to hear about this, I will like you to know that it has existed for a...