Grow And Engage Your Instagram Account Audience

Follow and engage with relevant Instagrammers

Social networks are all about community. A community relevant to your brand already exists on Instagram. You just have to find them. One way to do that is to engage with people and brands they already follow.

Start by monitoring industry hashtags and commenting on appropriate Instagram posts. Follow the people who participate in these discussions. This is a simple way to make your presence known to people who are likely to be interested in your content.

As you get more involved in Instagram communities, you’ll get a sense of the hashtags that inspire the most response. Which leads us to…

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Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags help make your Instagram account content easier to find.

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Captions on Instagram account are not searchable, but hashtags are. When someone clicks on or searches for a hashtag, they see all the associated content. It’s a great way to get your content in front of people who don’t already follow you.

You might want to consider creating your own branded hashtag. A branded hashtag embodies your brand and encourages followers to share photos that fit that image. It can be a great source of user-generated content and encourage community among your fans.

Amsterdam Marketing uses the #iamsterdam hashtag to collect user-generated content, which they reshare to promote a colorful and visitor-created feed of the city.

Instagram Account

Respond To Comments And Mentions

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Remember: this is social marketing. You can’t neglect the social aspect. That means responding to comments and mentions of your brand on Instagram, so users feel motivated to keep engaging with your brand.

You might be tempted to automate your engagement using bots. Don’t do it. We tried it, and it doesn’t work out so well. Dedicate some time to responding authentically when someone mentions or tags your brand.

Work With Instagram Influencers

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Influencer marketing is a powerful way of gaining access to an engaged and loyal Instagram account following by working with an Influencer whose fans might be interested in your brand.

Even small brands with limited budgets can use influencer marketing by working with micro-influencers: people with a smaller but dedicated following.

Promote Your Account On Other Channels

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If you’ve got an established following on other social networks, let those people know about your Instagram business account. Make sure to tell them what kind of content you’ll share on your Insta profile, so they know why it’s worth their time to follow you in more than one place.

Try embedding Instagram posts directly in your blog to showcase your best content and make it super-easy for blog readers to follow you, like this:

Include your Instagram handle in your email signature, and don’t forget about print materials like business cards, flyers, and event signage.

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Use Instagram ads to get in front of a large and targeted audience

Instagram can provide great organic business results, but it’s also worth investing in Instagram ads to ensure you get your content in front of a wider (but very targeted) audience.

In addition to extending the reach of your content, Instagram ads include call-to-action buttons that allow users to take action straight from Instagram, reducing the number of steps required to get them to your website or promotion.

Instagram Account

Run An Instagram Specific Campaign

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An Instagram campaign can help you achieve a specific goal more quickly than you could by simply following your overall Instagram business marketing strategy.

Campaigns can involve ads, but they’re not only about paid content. They involve intense focus on a specific goal for a set period of time, in both your organic and paid posts.
We walk you through all of the details in our post on creating successful Instagram marketing campaigns, but here are some potential campaign ideas to get you started.

* Run an awareness campaign to increase your overall visibility on Instagram.

* Promote a sale using shoppable Instagram posts.

* Drive engagement with an Instagram contest.

* Collect user-generated content with a branded hashtag.

* Step 6: Measure success and make adjustments

Measure success and make adjustments

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Track results with analytics tools

Once you’re using Instagram to promote your business, you need to check in regularly to see how your progress matches up to your business goals.

You’ll want to track the results of individual posts, ads, and stories, as well as your Instagram business account as a whole.

There are a lot of numbers to keep an eye on, but there are plenty of analytics tools to help you keep it all sorted.

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