Does Facebook Group Conversation Chat sound new to you? If this is your first time to hear about this, I will like you to know that it has existed for a long time now. This is a feature on facebook that enable group of people to connect themselves for a specific discussion it may be at a particular time. This is totally difference from creating a facebook group, you may want to discuss an important issue with few of your facebook friends and you decide to add your friends in the discussion. This may be very interesting in the beginning but times some of your friends may start to abuse the purpose of the group chat, this is why I decide to share with you on how to leave this social media conversation chat room when you are no longer interested in the discussion.

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There are many uses of facebook group conversation chat; this group chat is very interesting a times if it is well used. But the major problem of facebook group conversation is that many people abuse its purpose. Instead of using it well, they use it to spam ones facebook inbox, discussing useless issues; this is why many people hate this type of chat on facebook. This feature is very useful because classmates, friends, organization members can use it to discuss very important issue at a particular given time.



Facebook Group Conversation



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Now, let’s move to the main purpose of writing this tutorial.

1. Login to your facebook account
2. Then navigate to the group conversation chat you want to leave
3. Click on Actions Menu
4. Now, select leave conversation. When you leave facebook group conversation chat, facebook will notify all
the people in the group conversation chat that you have just left.

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