Subscription Codes For MTN Call Me Back

MTN Call Me Back is a free service introduced by MTN Nigeria to enable you notify someone to call you even if you do not have airtime on your account balance.

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This method is the most easiest and most simple way of notifying someone to call you, you don’t need to flash someone because some people feel annoyed if you flash them. The person you expected to receive the call from will receive the notification as a text message, informing him or her to call you.

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MTN Call Me Back

You are allowed of using this service even when you have airtime left in your balance or not, so it’s not only meant for those that doesn’t have airtime, everyone is allowed to make use of this service.

There are different MTN Call Me Back codes you can use to notify someone to call you. You can also use it to notify someone to send airtime to you.

Below Are The List Of MTN Call Me Back Codes

MTN call me back services are free.

Below are the codes you can use to prompt someone to call you or send airtime to you.

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Choose from any of the following messages below:

* Please call me:
Notify someone to call you (Please Call Me), simply dial *133*Recipient’s phone number#

* Please call me, I love you:
Simply dial *133*1*Recipient’s phone number#

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*Please send me credit:
Simply dial *133*2*Recipient’s phone number#

* Please call me, I have gist for you:
Simply dial *133*3*Recipient’s phone number#

* Please call me, I need your assistance:
Simply dial *133*4*Recipient’s phone number#

MTN Call Me Back

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You are permitted to send call me to MTN numbers only, but you can use this service at a maximum of five times each day. If you are to make use of this service for more than 5 times, you will get a notification that “you have exceeded the number of call backs per day”.

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